The ideal plasma cutting table for HVAC duct work

Reliable, field proven and very fast cutting of thin metal sheets of up to 10mm thickness. A modern CNC controller and powerful plasma cutting source produce cuts of highest quality which need not be re-worked or cleaned afterwards. This machine comes equipped with a marking pen for labeling parts and drawing fold lines with fold angles. The robust and powerful motors and a virtually maintenance-free tooth-belt configuration guarantee virtually no wear-and-tear and therefore a long life expectancy. The moving exhaust trough with environmental filter assures clean work pieces and a clean work place with much less required exhaust power.



Technical Data:
Cutting area: 1.5m x 3m
Cutting speeds: max. 25 m/min
marking using pen, up to 15 m/min
cutting galv. sheet metal 0.6mm thickness, up to 10 m/min
Precision: +/- 0.2 mm/m
(depending on cut with of torch used)
max. Thickness: up to 12mm steel St37, depending on type of torch used
Drive: dual tooth-belt drives, brushless motors
Exhaust: moving exhaust trough
Tools: pneumatic controlled tool head for torch and marking pen
Power supply: 3x400V, 50Hz, 32A, 7-10kW, NYY 6mm² (torch power supply)
3x400V, 50Hz, 16A, 2kW, NYY, 2.5mm² (controls and drive)
Pneumatic supply: 1 x 2.5 bar, 30 l/min (controls)
1 x 6 bar, 230 l/min (plasma power supply)
Controls: modern CNC-controller and modular axis controller in 19" rack
Control panel: PC mounted in control cabinet, with 17" plasma display and stainless steel keyboard
Ethernet network
CNC formats:

The controller can process CAD files in the most common formats:
CMS-format, G-Codes, ESSI-Codes, DXF und EXF, HPGL, SGV, DWG (AutoCAD)
Simple CAD parts can be programmed and saved.


Please view the video of our plasmaWASP in action.

(You will require a fast connection of at least 256 kbps to see this video. Optionally, you can download the video as an AVI file to your computer hard drive to view at your convenience.)

Watch for these special features:

  • quick part labeling using the marking pen

  • quick and clean piercing of the parts

  • clean cutting and fast cutting speed

  • complete exhaustion of smoke and gases