On this page you can download the current version of our software. All versions are fully functional but limited to a trial period of 30 days. After the trial period has expired, you can simply purchase a license key to activate the software. Click on the version of the software you want to download:

Product Version Description
viaDuct-3D Customer 1.98j This is the customer version of our viaDuct-3D software, which allows your customers to enter their jobs offline, print different reports (e.g. DIN surfaces or total weights) and then transmit their orders directly to your factory version for manufacturing. This version still runs under older Windows versions 95/98/NT/2000 run.
1.322 This version is the same as the version above, but only runs on Windows XP, Vista or Windows7. The setup contains the languages ENU, DEU, FRA, ESP, NDL, RUS, PLK, CSY and TRK.)
viaDuct-3D Economy 1.98j This version of viaDuct-3D is basically the same as the customer version above, but has additional editors to allow configuration. You can modify rules, parts and tables, e.g. to create new parts or reports as well. This version requires Windows 95/98/NT/2000 or XP to run.
1.322 This version has the same functionality as the version above, but requires Windows XP, Vista or WIndows7 to run.
viaDuct-3D Factory 1.109 This is the full version of our viaDuct-3D with functions for unfolding, nesting and generation of other CAD data for you production machines. Additional features are full configurability, integrated CAD design, optional invoicing module, and much more. This version still runs on older Windows versions 95/98/NT/2000.
1.322 This version has the same functionality as the version above, but requires Windows XP, Vista or Windows7 to run.
viaDuct-3D Expert 2.322 This is the Expert-Version of our viaDuct-3D Factory program with even more features to make HVAC work more intuitive and simpler. (Requires Windows XP, Vista or Windows7 to run.)


As of version 1.300 the C++ Runtime Libraries are no longer included in the setup because they are already installed on most operating systems as of version XP (SP2). If you receive an error message when starting the application, you can download these libraries here and install them on your system.

Some of the files above are password protected -- in this case, call our sales office to acquire an according password.