SDK 34 - Silencer Cartridge Former

Fully automatic production of silencer cartridges

This machine automatically produces silencer cartridges in 3 different widths. All notches and punches are produced with high precision to allow riveting of the cartridge; i.e. all punched holes fit exactly on top of one another when assembling individual sides. The corners are also notched, so the folded edge is even and allows the cartridges to be easily inserted into the silencer.



The cartridges can be produced in any length in either closed form, in L-shape or U-shape, or as 4 individual pieces. A modern controller with a display of 8 lines allows entering up to 1000 cartridges in advance, which can then be automatically manufactured. The operator can input the measurements, select the type of cartridge to produce and optionally select to have holes for the stiffing rods automatically punched.

SDK Steuerung

Here you can the download the complete SDK-34 manual (only in German at this time) as a PDF file. Download

Please watch the video of the Silencer Cartridge Former in action.

(You will require a fast connection of at least 256 kbps to see this video. Optionally, you can download the video as an AVI file to your computer hard drive to view at your convenience.)

Watch for these features:

  • complete fully automatic manufacturing

  • very straight folds and corners

  • easy riveting of individual pieces

  • high quality of finished product