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Besides the standard functions already described, viaDuct-3D has many other features to offer:

  • capabilities to use ODBC databases and connect to SQL servers
  • customer specific parts libraries that can be expanded and modified
  • customer specific production rules
  • Editor for tables like frames, rules, material types, pressure rules, insulation types, etc
  • editor for 2D/3D picture, unfolded shapes, surface and weight calculations
  • rules for automatic splitting of oversized parts including notches
  • configurable nesting for different material types and plate formats
  • report generator for shop papers, statistics, business reports and labels
  • definable filters to import/export data in various formats

Table editor to edit lists of all types, e.g. frames, seams,

The integrated parts editor allows to modify all 2D/3D pictures, all surface and weight calculations and even the part unfolding. Part labels, texts and lines the plasma cutter will draw using the marking pen are also defined here. You can easily modify the scripts to include new rules and functionality, or even define new parts altogether!

Parts Editor
Parts editor for defining and editing parts and rules

To the left, you can see the script editor showing a script for the part named "Radius Elbow" showing the program sequence for generating deflectors and inserting appropriate holes into the shape for mounting the deflectors.

The script language is a simple BASIC-like language, which has an extensive context-sensitive help feature with numerous examples on how to use each command. (You can view the viaDuct-3D help here. Internet connection necessary)